About Us

Surya Power Eco Solution is a leading brand in the field of solar company which gives reliable and quality solution to solar problem. Our company consists of technically sound and experienced staffs which together work to give our customer satisfactory result. We have installed solar products at various residences, hotels, schools, hostels, commercial and corporate areas. We believe in quality service and products selling. At present while our country is facing a severe energy crisis, promoting solar energy to generate electricity is a great aid to our nation as well as people to eliminate load shedding problem. We provide various packages as per our customers need and demand.

Vision Statement

To be a leading brand in solar power technology installation throughout Nepal and abroad developing renewable energy sector.

Mission Statement

  • To provide better service and quality in the field of solar technology.
  • To become a nationally recognized company.
  • To expand the opportunities for the growth and development of our company.
  • Assist our county Nepal to eliminate energy crisis.

Company's Goals

  • To promote our services and explore opportunities in the market by enhancing technical and creative aspects of our business.
  • To create a valuable place in the market.
  • To serve as many customers as possible.
  • To provide a better quality based service.

Company's Objectives

  • To provide a 100 % quality service.
  • To flourish our business throughout Nepal.

News and Events

Progress Report:

Surya Power Eco Solution Pvt Ltd is one of the leading solar companies in Nepal who has been able to reach more than 1000 customers in less than two years. We started working in the year 2010 looking at the need of solar power in Nepal due to the existing energy crisis which is still...

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