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Progress Report:

Surya Power Eco Solution Pvt Ltd is one of the leading solar companies in Nepal who has been able to reach more than 1000 customers in less than two years. We started working in the year 2010 looking at the need of solar power in Nepal due to the existing energy crisis which is still prevailing in our country. With the objective of providing good and cost effective service we offer our customers from highly efficient residential and industrial power solution to cost effective economic power solution to the medium households who cannot afford expensive power in their daily life. 

So far as per our calculation we have generated up to 80,000Watt of solar power throughout Nepal. Major solar installation took place on the residences and commercial sectors of Kathmandu valley in the peak load shedding hours during winter. We felt highly privileged to have got opportunities to provide services to places as named below. We consider these places to be our achievement platform where we got chance to explore our skills and resources in new and improved way. 

Pokhara Orphan Home Solar

1.  Nepal Bank Ltd:
Nepal Bank provided us wonderful opportunity to work with them for two long years. In these year of working we provided them with best power solution through battery, inverter and solar. We delivered our services throughout its branches in Nepal. We have installed power backup from 850VA to 5KVA to facilitate their work in load shedding hours. Our products are giving their best till date without any complains. 

2.   Kantipur Publication:
Kantipur Publication is another big name who have been applauding our service since past couple of years. With tremendous support to green energy they have been promoting solar energy through public awareness, solar gift package, use of solar energy in their work place. We surya power provide them with best packages to meet their campaign. 

3.  Global IME bank:
Surya power have been continuously providing power backup solution to run the operating system of the bank including ATM machines, system functioning computers and routers throughout the branches within valley. 

4.  Self sustainable orphan home: 
This is an organization working for educating and providing shelter with skills to children all over Nepal. There are all together five branches located in Fhootung, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Itahari and Chitwan of this organization where we lightened the dark homes of orphans with solar power. Each orphan home was installed with a solar power backup of 2.5KVA to light rooms, fans, TV and some computers. 

5.  District post office Dolpa:
We designed and installed a 3KVA solar power backup system at Dolpa district post office to power computers, record keeping and monitoring equipments, internet and phones. It was among one of the longest destination we travelled to reach our power backup solution.

6.  Suryadaya Resort Kathmandu:
We lightened 20 lights and fans in 20 different room of the resort with a solar power backup of 1800VA. The system has helped to eliminate load shedding hours to the guests staying at the hotel.

7.  Om Tara Guest House, Thamel:
This guest house took solar power as the solution to fight load shedding hours. We installed 850VA system to light all the lights in the hotel through external wiring charging the battery fully through solar energy. 

8.  Nepal comfort housing:
Through this company we offered housing with pre installed solar backup solution to light residential power need. This was an asset to the customers buying houses through these sellers as their homes would light even during power cutoff. 

9.  Buddhist children home:
It is an orphan home situated in Jorpati, Kathmandu which shelters homeless infants. Surya Power installed 1800VA solar backup efficient to light lights and television sets. 

10. Annapurna Mart:
Annapurana Mart is situated in the heart of thamel which chose surya power to light 15 fancy lights to light their shop and make it look attractive even in dark load shedding hours.

11. Bamboo Club:
Situated in thamel serving the best cuisine to people visiting from all over the world to Kathmandu chose to be environment friendly and opted to light there table and roof through fully solar power system. 

12. Happy home:
Happy home is another orphan home which provided surya power an opportunity to install a 5KVA solar backup system at Dhadhing, Nepal. This power solution was designed to light more than 60 CFL lights, 3 computers, 2 TV sets, Printer, communication and security system. 

13. Easy Link Money Transfer: 
Known for IME service, Easy Link Money transfer took help from Surya Power when their batteries and inverter could not supply their power demand on extra load shedding hours. We provided solar power aid which solved their problem and made all the appliance run through the same inverter battery system.

14. Nava Udhyog Finance: 
5KVA system was installed here to power 6 computers, one printer, router and few cfl lights. The system is still working at its best since past one year. 

15. Seto ganesh cooperative Ltd.
Situated in Maitidevi Kathmandu, Seto ganesh was provided a power solution of 2.5KVA to run desktop, router, printer and lights during the working hours. 

16. Travel agencies: 
We have installed our products at the famous and renowned travel agencies like;

a.  Travel De Society, Thamel
b.  Koshi Travel and Tour, Nag Pokhari
c.  Earth Bound Expedition, Thamel
d.  Visit Nepal Expedition, Thamel
e.  Rhino Travel and Tours, Thamel
f.  NATTA office, Gairidhara

17. Thakali Bhansa Ghar:
Located at the heart of thamel serving figure licking Nepali cusine. Thakali Bhansa Ghar uses solar power backup of 1800VA to light the lamps, kitchen and corridors in their premises. They are among our satisfied customers and they often recommend Surya power to other’s interested to install solar like them. 

18. Peoples Campus:
One of the oldest campuses in the valley qualifying hundreds of under graduate every year has been using 2.5KVA product to run the computer lab of the campus. Students are therefore facilitated to work in the computers even in power cut hours with our backup installed.

Surya Power is in its rapid speed to win the race of being the leading brand for solar product. Though Nepal has great potential in solar power generation we still lack behind due to our technical and economical weaknesses. Surya power wished to be a bridge between the two. /we are very positive towards our accomplishment and development. In future year we wish to bring technology of manufacturing solar product in our country its self. This step will definitely make solar power use economic to our fellow users. 

Surya Power Eco Solution Pvt Ltd
July 2013.