Power Consumption

Power saving tips:

Saving power is saving money and storing energy for further use in future. While our country is facing severe energy crisis saving energy reduces our nation's overall demand. It is always wise to save energy being careful and following few little steps to save energy.

  • Always prefer energy efficient lights like CFL at home.
  • Check on the lights and appliances if they are unnecessarily lit or plugged in at your home.
  • Turn off all the switches and appliances before you sleep or leave your home.
  • While buying electrical appliance always look for less power consuming equipment which may be a little expensive but will be bill saving for long run.
  • Use iron, water pumping motors, vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc. at off peak hour when the electricity consumption is less in use. It will save on your bills as the cost of meter is less at that time and will also assist our nation on the peak hour load management.
  • Turn on your heating and cooling system with the doors and windows locked. It will take less time and electrical energy to heat or cool your room.
  • Let technical sound and educated professionals on related field design your system electrification. They are skilled for energy audit and help save energy.
  • Check on internal wire leakage and follow up for maintenance on time.

Power Consumption of Various appliance:

General appliances:

  • Televisions (color)
  • 19" = 65–110W
  • 27" = 113W
  • 36" = 133W
  • 53"-61" Projection = 170W
  • Flat screen = 120W
  • LCD/Plasma = 50-80W
  • Computer
  • CPU  = 120 W
  • Monitor = 150 W
  • Laptop = 50-90W
  • Ceiling fan = 65-175W
  • Heater = 750-1500W
  • Iron = 1000-1800W
  • Water Pump = 250-1100W
  • Vacuum Cleaner = 1000-1500W
  • VCR-DVD = 50-100W
  • Radio = 60-400W
  • Hair Drier = 800- 1800W
  • Washing Machine = 500-800W

Kitchen Appliances

  • Rice cooker = 600-1000W
  • Mixer-grinder = 900-1500W
  • Refrigerator = 400-1000W
  • Micro wave oven = 800-1500W
  • Toaster = 800-1400W
  • Adjust Fan = 200-400W
  • Hot plate = 1200W
  • Coffee maker = 900-1200W
  • Water Boiler = 800-1200W

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