Solar Energy

Sun is the source of renewable energy available on day time which can be capture to generate electricity, heating water, heating home etc. Solar energy had been found to be in use since ages as a source of energy. Solar energy is considered to be very important in the present and will be of a greater importance in the future. Alternative sources of energy are looked for because our current energy resources are smaller and smaller and the costs are rising and somehow at a moment will be ended, so solar power is a no cost and safe alternative source of energy. The energy generated by the sunlight (solar power) is free and harmless to the environment.

Solar energy once installed at our place makes us independent of the grid generation. Solar energy also plays a great significance in rural area electrification where the national grid is too far to reach.

How is solar electricity generated?

Solar energyIt is very important to understand what the solar power is and how it works. Sunlight is turned into electricity by the solar cells also known as: Photovoltaic (PV) cells or PV panels. These solar panels are followed by solar charge controller which checks the produced electricity and allows constant flow of charges through the panel. The electricity produced by solar is DC and the energy tracked is stored in the battery for later use when sun is not available.

Through the battery the stored power is supplied to the DC equipments mostly bulbs. Most of the day to day used electronic gadgets use AC power, so to use the DC power produced by solar power a converter is required which converts DC power to AC and supplies to the equipments which run under AC power. This way solar power can generate any amount of energy as per the demand of the consumer.

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Surya Power Eco Solution Pvt Ltd is one of the leading solar companies in Nepal who has been able to reach more than 1000 customers in less than two years. We started working in the year 2010 looking at the need of solar power in Nepal due to the existing energy crisis which is still...

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